Frequently asked questions

How long is the performance?

The duration of the performance is around 45 minutes long.

What age group is the show for?

This program was designed for Primary to Intermediate age children.

Do the lights have to be off inorder for the projection show to work?

Yes and No. The lights do not have to be completely off (pitch dark), however, the darker the room the more vibrant the show will be. We do require a dimly lit room.

Can we see the script/content before we book?

Yes, if you contact our Events team they can email you a copy of the script.

How big is the puppet set?

The puppet set is 10' long and 6' tall.

How many students can attend a performance?

To having optimal viewing angles, the performance is limited to a maximum of 300 students.

Is there a charge for multiple shows at one school in a day?

We can perform a maximum of 3 shows per school in one day. Each performace will have an additional charge.